TxDOT road crews to prepare for winter


TxDOT maintenance crews will conduct their annual preparations for the winter weather season this morning. The staff will inspect, calibrate and prep state equipment to assure readiness in the event of a local winter storm.

As conditions conducive to freezing temperatures continue to build, TxDOT maintenance officials around the state are taking proactive steps to be ready in the event of localized bad weather conditions.

From highways to homes, many people are making winter preparations.

"We have gotten a lot of practice over these last couple of years. This year alone we've had three events in January and February and those were back to back so yes we've gotten a lot better at being prepared," said Karen Othon with TxDOT

In January and February 2011, Houston District crews applied approximately 40,000 gallons of magnesium chloride on bridges and overpasses throughout the district in response to winter weather storms and freezing conditions. This week's arrival of the first major cold front of the season is a good reminder on the importance of being prepared.

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