Two injured after driver slams into home


Police tell us the driver of a pickup lost control driving down the feeder of the North 610 Loop around 9:30pm. He ran off the road, went through a yard and crashed into a house.

Leonel Patino is shedding tears over the injuries his son Luis sustained when a truck smashed into the family's home, leaving a massive hole. He says the driver who did this was reckless.

"I don't know what is up with the guy, maybe he was drinking, maybe drinking," he said.

His 27-year-old son has fractures to his skull and neck, and has bleeding in his brain. His bed ended up on top of the pickup truck after it came into his bedroom where he was sleeping. Luis crawled out on his own.

Patino's older brother says the family is very concerned about his injuries.

"The damage was done to him in his head; I'm guessing he hit the ceiling. He was probably tossed from his bed up towards where the ceiling is at because the fan is broken," said Luis's brother Daunsllons Patino.

When his family saw him in the hospital, he did not know where he was or what day it was. But they have seen encouraging signs.

"I told him we are all there for him and he was strong and that he'd come out of it," said another brother Jairo Patino. "I asked him, 'How many fingers I was holding and I held up two' and he responded, 'two.'"

The family says drivers speed along this stretch of the 610 feeder all the time, and that more needs to be done to stop them because this time, it could have cost their brother his life.

"This is nothing. This is material. We just want my brother to be alright. This can be fixed," said Daunsllons.

The truck driver is identified by authorities as David Smith. Smith was also seriously hurt. He had to be cut out of the truck. Paramedics arrived and took the driver to LBJ Hospital. There is still no word on what charges the driver could face.

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