Suspect in 2006 shooting charged with murder


Ray Narciso Contreras, 36, is charged with capital murder. He is currently in federal custody in the Bureau of Prisons on an unrelated charge.

Houston police say on February 5, 2006, the victim Robert Antonio Saravia was attending a party at Contreras' residence. Saravia and Contreras became involved in a verbal argument that turned into a physical fight. Contreras and several others at the party began to beat Saravia.

According to police, Contreras and the others then abducted Saravia and transported him to a remote location in the 4300 block of Saunders. Contreras then continued to assault Saravia, attempted to strangle him and then shot him. Saravia was then thrown into a ditch containing mud and several inches of water. Police say Saravia's head was held down in the mud until he suffocated.

Saravia, 26, suffered gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Further investigation, witness statements and DNA evidence from the murder scene identified Contreras as the suspect in this case, according to police.

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