Two accused of illegally charging people to park at Med Center parking garage


Jose Guadalupe Luna, 30, and Ramon Valdes are charged with aggregate theft. According to court documents, the two men illegally collected money on a monthly basis from UT Health employees to park in the Prairie View A&M University College of Nursing parking garage next door to the UT Health parking garage at 6436 Fannin.

Police say Luna admitted to using his position in the UT Health parking office to activate parking cards to the Prairie View garage, but not enter them into the billing system. They say Luna would then give the cards to Valdes to give them to the employees that would pay $100 a month to park in the other garage -- about $50 cheaper a month than the UT Health garage. Valdes would collect the monthly fee from employees, police say.

Both men told police that they started the scheme after coming upon rough financial times and that they stopped the scheme when some people became suspicious.

Luna told police that he profited about $2,000 per month and would split the profits with Valdes.

UT Health alleges it lost nearly $30,000 in revenue.

Bond has been set at $58,839.96 for each defendant.

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