Equusearch asked to help find missing Florida mom who was on People's Court


There's another call for its help. This one is from Orlando, Florida, but the group's founder, Tim Miller, is hesitant to go there.

The family of /*Michelle Parker*/ released home video of her carving pumpkins with her children in Orlando just weeks before she disappeared. It was around the time Parker made an appearance on the TV show People's Court where she appeared with her ex-fiance, Dale Smith.

On Tuesday, Smith's attorney contacted Texas Equusearch asking for help in the search.

"I got contacted today and the ex-fiance wants me to come out there, wants to go ahead and expand the search, actually wants to be out there with me," Miller said.

Police believe Smith knows something about what happened, but his attorney, Mark Nejame, says reaching out to Equusearch was at his client's request.

"He is specifically requesting and asking for a full scale search team to come into central Florida, headed by Tim Miller, the foremost searcher in the United States from Texas Equusearch, to help find her. What guilty person would do such a thing?" Nejame said.

Nejame is a high-profile Orlando attorney who once represented Casey Anthony's parents.

Miller says he's been hesitant at times to go back to Florida because of the Anthony case. Equusearch has a pending lawsuit against the Anthonys, alleging /*Casey Anthony*/ committed fraud because she knew her 2-year-old daughter was dead and not missing, while Equusearch turned down other requests for help.

But Miller says this request comes down to a 33-year-old mother of three.

"No matter what people are saying we've got one fact -- we've got a lady that's missing, so let's do everything we can do to see if we can get her located," Miller said.

Miller says he will be talking to Orlando police Wednesday morning and could be in Orlando by the end of the day.

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