New details in fatal wreck near Katy Mills Mall


It happened around 3:30pm Tuesday on the Katy Freeway service road and Katy Mills Boulevard.

A Ford F-250 with two high school students inside was left crumpled after T-boning an 18-wheeler carrying a load of gravel.

Police have confirmed that the person who was killed was a 17-year-old Katy ISD high school student, but they aren't releasing any names. Police could not confirm whether or not the victim was wearing a seatbelt.

There are cameras at the intersection, but it's not known yet if they captured the accident.

One person we spoke with on Tuesday say it is a spot to drive, but police say statistics don't support it.

Police tell us that in that location last year, there were three accidents. And this year, only two so far, including Tuesday's fatality.

As for the wreck, both students were ejected from the pickup. The passenger was caught underneath the overturned semi and dragged several yards. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Investigators say both drivers are claiming they had the right of way. However, area residents who frequent the intersection say it can be tough to navigate.

"The lights are green and red at the same time so people are watching it," Brabham said. "It's very confusing and if you're not from here, which a lot of people are going to this mall and they're not from around here, they don't know the rules."

The Katy intersection remained shut down for more than six hours. The rig was knocked to its side and a load of gravel littered the frontage road.

Despite the destruction, Katy police say the intersection rarely has problems.

"Maybe one a month, if that. It's not a real dangerous intersection," said Katy Police Department's Tim Parnell.

But at least one area driver says this fatal accident proves to her otherwise.

"So this is not surprising," Brabham said.

Both drivers in the accident were hospitalized, but have non-life threatening injuries. A blood sample was taken from the driver of the 18-wheeler to test for drugs or alcohol.

No charges have been filed, but the wreck is still under investigation.

Police say both teens are Katy-area high school students, but they have not released the identity of the victim.

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