Law enforcement unions speak out against Lykos


These groups represent 10,000 officers in Harris County and they say DA Pat Lykos is not effective, and should not be re-elected.

Judge Lykos is seeking another term, and the officers say this unprecedented uniting of various agencies should send a message to citizens when it comes to their vote.

Among their claims is that Lykos has "shirked her duties," has an "antagonistic relationship with law enforcement," and is not allowing cases that could be stacked to go through the court system, to keep offenders off the streets.

While they acknowledge that crime has not gone up during her tenure, the officers allege that it could be going down.

Specifically, they complained about so called "trace cases" involving drug residue found on pipes. Such cases, they say, are not being prosecuted the way the officers believe they should be. According to these officers that is putting the public is at risk.

"We do not support the actions of District Attorney Pat Lykos," said Eric Batton, vice president of the Harris County Deputies Organization. "It is our genuine belief that the integrity and professionalism of the Harris County District Attorney's Office, as well as the safety and welfare of the public, are being compromised."

"We need to bring back a felony, as the Texas legislature said it has, to have possession of a crack pipe with residue in Harris County and we don't have that now," said Ray Hunt, president of the Houston Police Officers Union.

We did seek a response from the DA's office. They said they will have a response later today after they've had a chance to go through the allegations. Also Zack Fertitta, a former prosecutor, announced his run for the DA's office, however the group assembled says is not endorsing Fertitta or anyone else at this time.

The five unions at Tuesday's press conference were:

  • Houston Police Officers Union
  • Harris County Deputies Organization
  • Houston Police Retired Officers Association
  • Baytown Police Officers Association
  • Pasadena ISD Police Officers Union

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