Police make arrest in Waller Co. marijuana plane case


That pilot was arrested at a restaurant around dinner time Monday. Authorities say after last week's rough landing he left town, went to Georgia and then came back to the Houston area to visit a lady friend.

But authorities, including the Department of Homeland Security, had this man on their radar. He is Barrington Carl Slack, 33. Investigators say he is a native of Jamaica, but is a US citizen. Slack is a Georgia resident, but apparently travels cross-country quite a bit.

Waller County deputies now say they believe Slack was flying alone in that twin engine plane that crashed last week at Houston Executive Airport. The pilot ran off, leaving behind 100 pounds of marijuana in the grassy field. But he also left behind a cell phone and laptop that were both tracked back to Slack.

Surveillance video also showed Slack at Houston Executive Airport the night before the crash as well. Last Sunday he was apparently coming from Odessa.

Slack has an extensive criminal history, mainly drug-related. That's according to what law enforcement officials tell us. Apparently Slack has pending drug cases in New Mexico and Georgia.

In fact, last year, Slack parachuted out of a plane that crashed in Augusta. Slack, who is also former military, was arrested on Quantico, a marine base in Virginia, on drug-related charges.

Slack told authorities here that he's a truck driver. His drug charge in New Mexico involves him allegedly transporting a load of marijuana in an 18-wheeler.

Sheriff Smith told me Slack was cooperative when he was arrested here Monday night. He's in the Waller County Jail, charged with possession of marijuana.

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