Man captures racing crash on cell phone camera


Another driver recorded the cars as they sped off on The Woodlands Parkway near FM 2978. The question now is whether those street racers committed a crime.

The video of the race lasts less than 10 seconds. The race itself ended on a median off The Woodlands Parkway. It happened on Thanksgiving morning, and it was originally thought to be just an accident. But now with this video, it could be a crime.

Though it may not be obvious by his current vehicle, Gerod Rush is a car enthusiast. So when two Corvettes sat in front of him at an intersection in The Woodlands on Thanksgiving, he was intrigued but even more curious about what might happen next.

"I kind of had a gut feeling something was going to go wrong," he said.

So following his gut, he grabbed his cell phone and recorded.

In slow motion, you can see the Corvette on the right loses control and smashes into the Corvette on the left sending it deep into the woods. Rush says it appeared no one was seriously injured.

Eyewitnesses immediately called 911 and troopers responded. Later that day, Rush posted the video on YouTube, calling the drivers two turkeys.

"These were adults," Rush said. "To act this way, to me, is just kind of irresponsible."

Though we had just seen his wife, no one answered at The Woodlands home of the driver who appeared to have caused the crash.

Rush says he didn't post video, which is nearing a million views, to get anyone in trouble, but he hopes it sends a message.

"Maybe this will help teach somebody a lesson if these guys actually face consequences, that hey, before I pull up at the light and race this guy, I remember what happened to those guys on YouTube and maybe it will save lives, who knows," he said.

We're told DPS investigators do have a copy of the video, and Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon says he's aware of it as well. They are waiting for troopers to complete their investigation to determine what, if any, charges are appropriate.

Street racing is a Class B misdemeanor in Texas that is punishable by jail time and/or a fine, as well as a suspended license.

You can read more about this story on The Courier of Montgomery County, our Houston Community Newspapers partner.

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