Are cyber Monday deals the best prices?


Just like Black Friday, every online retailer seems to be having a sale, so finding the best deals of the days takes knowing where to look and price comparing to see if that is the lowest price.

By the time it was the lunch rush, many online shoppers had already checked out some of the cyber Monday deals. Others had plans on checking out certain sites that had great bargains advertised.

Shopper James Carlson said, "On certain things you buy, you either get more accessories or you get certain things that go with it for a better price."

But despite the advertised specials, some shoppers say they don't plan to shop on cyber Monday.

"It is gimmicky," said shopper Ashley Henry Wynn. "I am a marketing director so I know their tricks."

And uber frugal shopper Nora Kapche says there is some truth to that.

"Ninety percent of those larger retailers have some kind of cyber Monday deal," she said. "It's up to you to determine if that is a really good deal by price comparing or if you can wait for another time."

For example, Kapche points to Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. Right now those online retailers are offering 30 percent off site wide and free shipping, but she has seen better deals.

"Just because it's cyber Monday and it's on their site and they are advertising doesn't necessarily mean it's the best deal," Kapche cautioned.

Nora found a better bargain at Ann Taylor Loft's online store. Here everything including clearance items was 50 percent off with free shipping.

She said, "These are the best buys because you are combining the clearance price plus your 50 percent off this is when you are going to get amazing deals for your name brand products."

But keep in mind with any online retailer, be sure you check to see if you need to enter a coupon code to get the cyber Monday deal.

Nora says the sales will actually get better as we get closer to Christmas. She says to find the best online bargains, check out sites like and

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