Neighbors' feud results in lawsuit


After getting no satisfactory resolution from the homeowner's association or police, one Clear Lake Shores homeowner felt there was no alternative but to file suit, claiming harassment. But her neighbor says there is more to the story.

In a neighborhood where the view sets the mood, what Lynda Michaelski has seen from her surveillance cameras, she calls "disturbing."

"This is what we've caught him doing. Can you imagine what we haven't caught him doing?" Michaelski said. "I want him stopped. This is unacceptable behavior. It's wrong."

She says she had 13 cameras installed over a year and half ago at her Clear Lake Shores home. She says they then caught next door neighbor Bernard McIntyre once erecting a cross at her fence; another time at about 5am in a bathrobe, adjusting the light, in what she claims is an attempt to shine it right into her home.

"He scares me, you know? I'm scared of him," Michaelski said.

Based on this video, Michaelski accuses McIntyre also of poisoning her 100-year-old oak tree. On another occasion, you can see him apparently back at that fence, putting up a tarp and tossing what, by all accounts, is a roll of toilet paper over it, leaving it hanging.

"Unbelievable," Michaelski said.

McIntyre admits doing this. He says because he was tired of looking at a statute of the rear-ends of three frogs, which Michaelski had placed on the fence.

"I just put some toilet paper up and say, 'Here, go wipe them,'" McIntyre said.

He thought at first that the statues were obscene.

McIntyre claims Michaelski has been the one harassing him ever since he took a stand against her in a legal matter years ago involving another neighbor. He insists he's done nothing wrong.

"She's using lawsuits basically to bully people around so that they don't say anything critical about her," McIntyre said.

We have learned McIntyre pled no contest recently to a charge of illegal dumping. He says though it was just throwing leaves over Michaelski's fence.

As far as the allegation of shining the lights into Michaelski's home, McIntyre says he was just trying to blind the surveillance cameras.

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