Bundle up! Freeze warning in effect for SE Texas


A cold front has hit the area and it is expected to stick around for a few days.

The sky was clear, but temperatures dropped to the 40s Sunday morning.

The cold weather did not stop people from working out at Memorial Park. Some runners made sure they were covered up head to toe while others just put a coat on over their shorts. And there were those who did not even bother with warmer clothing.

Still, everyone we talked to said they enjoyed the colder weather, but it had drawbacks.

"I can't feel my hands. It's a little too windy. And it's very windy," one runner told us.

"It was a little cold when I first got out here, but now once you warm up, it feels great," another runner said.

Light winds and clear skies will allow temperatures to drop significantly overnight. There is a freeze warning in effect for all of southeast Texas from midnight to 9am Monday.

ABC13 Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller says it won't be a hard freeze, but temps will dip near or below freezing for a couple of hours, especially in rural and low lying areas. Overnight lows in more urban areas and locations along the immediate coast should remain above freezing.

The Houston Office of Emergency Management suggested Sunday that everyone bring in their pets and cover outdoor plants.

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