Top Toys: What kids really want this holiday season

November 21, 2011 3:30:58 PM PST
If you don't know a Zhu Zhu Pet from a Musical Pass the Pickle, you could be in trouble when it comes to getting the right toys for your kids. Action 13's Jeff Ehling can help you find the right gift because he got it straight from the experts.

Every year, the fifth graders at Longfellow Elementary School in southwest Houston survey the school to find the top ten toys kids really want. The survey is broken down by grade so the pre-K favorites are different from the fifth graders. The idea is to find out what kids are really interested in.

This year, the survey kept an eye on the cost, keeping each toy to under $25. The good news is that parents can find all sorts of hot items and still stay on budget.

First place this year goes to a pair of toys -- Zhu Zhu Pets and Legos.

"A lot of kids in our class like playing with Legos and every time we start with Legos, you can't stop until you finish them," said fifth-grader Dorothy Soto. "And then Zhu Zhu Pets, a lot of people get entertained by them; some people want to have pets, but they never have one so Zhu Zhu Pets kind of like fill in the space for a pet."

Here is the list of the top ten toys from the students' annual research project:

  • 10. Connect Four Launchers
  • 9. Musical Pass the Pickle
  • 8. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks
  • 7. Moxie Girls
  • 5. (tie) Razor Graffiti Scooter
  • 5. (tie) Wuggle Pets
  • 4. Pillow Pets
  • 3. Nerf N-Striker Dart Launcher
  • 1. (tie) Zhu Zhu Pets
  • 1. (tie) Legos