Boy, man shot in suspected home invasion in north Houston


We've been following developments in this case throughout the day and now we've learned it's possible it wasn't just the home invasion victims that were injured in the attack.

No arrests have been made. Police are talking to two people who showed up at LBJ Hospital with gunshot wounds. Investigators call them persons of interest. They say one of them for sure was involved in this attack.

Police say the homeowner's daughter was jumped by as many as six suspects Thursday morning around 7am in the 1100 block of Hartwick at Bauman as she arrived to visit. She was forced inside and to the ground as were three others. Her 7-year-old brother ran for his father. That's when police say the suspects opened fire.

"Pow, pow, pow, pow. That's it," said eyewitness Frank Castillo.

The father fired back. Police say at least 20 rounds were exchanged inside the house. Neighbors heard the gunfire. Joaquin Aguilar ran to help, finding the homeowner bleeding profusely.

"He was shot four time in the abdomen, his leg, his hand and somewhere else in his leg," said Aguilar.

The man's 7-year-old son also was shot. The boy's older brother couldn't believe it.

"They shot his finger off," said the brother.

According to police, one of the suspects used an assault rifle. The property was riddled with bullets in the front yard and entry way.

"We don't know if there was any demand made or anything else. We don't know if any property was taken either," said Sgt. Edward Diaz with the Houston Police Department.

The suspects fled -- some in a gold minivan, some on foot. One neighbor saw them.

"It looked like a movie. I literally saw those guys come out of the yard, with masks, black masks just covering from the nose down," said eyewitness Daisy Amaya. "He removed the mask and looked me straight in the face. I gave him that mom look like I know you just didn't. Me being a new neighbor, I thought they lived in this house, so they were trying to get into the garage I'm guessing to seek refuge, when one of the suspects just lost his footing I guess and fell and that's where you saw all the bullets."

Those bullets and some articles of clothing were found a couple of streets away, so that is part of the police investigation.

They can't say for sure yet what motivated this home invasion. The homeowner and his son will survive and are listed in fair condition at the hospital.

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