Woman testifies alleged assault was kinky sex


On Tuesday the alleged victim took the stand, but she is testifying for the defense and says she was a willing participant. We are protecting this victim's identity.

The jury has been waiting for this witness and her story is compelling. She described in graphic detail a night of sex games, and throughout her testimony, remained calm and collected, never crying, even when she talked about her injuries.

The woman never raised her voice, and without emotion described what happened. The woman admitted she and the accused, her former boyfriend Gregory Longoria, participated in kinky sex more than once.

The defense asked, "Did you and Mr. Longoria ever play with grown up toys?"

Yes," she answered. "We had rough sex."

Longoria didn't look at the woman for very long. He spent the day with his head down taking notes. He is charged with aggravated assault. The prosecution alleges Longoria tied the woman to a bed, beat her with a belt and burned her private body parts.

The alleged crime happened in February at Longoria's apartment in northeast Harris County. The woman testified Longoria picked her up and drove her to his apartment with their one-year-old daughter. The child was asleep in another room during the alleged incident.

"We started playing around. He got a belt. He started whipping me with the belt," the woman testified.

The defense asked, "Had he ever whipped you before?"

"Yes," she answered.

The woman then said, "He hit me three times with the belt. I told him to stop."

The defense asked, "Did he?"

She answered, "Yes."

The woman also testified Longoria burned her private body parts with a lighter, but stopped when she yelled. She said he never used a can of hairspray and a lighter to burn her as alleged by the prosecution.

Afterward, the woman testified Longoria untied her from the extension cords and she showered and went to sleep with Longoria. He drove her home in the morning and that's when she noticed she was burned and swollen. She testified she then called a friend to go with her to the hospital.

It was at the hospital when staff there alerted authorities. The woman was very clear she consented; even so, the prosecution says a crime was committed.

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