Doctor, arson investigator testify in mutilation trial


An arson investigator took the stand Monday afternoon to testify about the spray pattern of a can of hairspray. The defendant, Gregory Longoria is accused of burning his former girlfriend with a lighter and can of hairspray. The testimony could be significant for the defense if they can prove the spray is wide and diffused, and not defined and accurate as suggested by the prosecution.

It was a day in pictures for the jury. Again they saw the photographs of the woman's hands and feet. The prosecution called a crime scene unit investigator to the stand to point out bruises the state says were caused by the woman being tied to a bed with an extension cord.

The deputy testified the woman had bruising on her body consistent with being hit with the buckle of a belt. But the most explicit pictures were described by Dr. Brenda Torres, an ob-gyn who treated the woman. We can't show you the pictures because they show the woman's private body parts.

Dr. Torres testified, "It was very obvious her story coordinated with physical injury. Her breasts and pelvic area showed signs of burning and charring."

However, the defense used the doctor to question whether the burning would be considered serious.

The defense asked, "Did you recall smelling burnt flesh when examining her?"

"No," answered Dr. Torres.

The defense followed up by asking, "Did you see any burns to the inside of her thighs?"

"No, answered Dr. Torres.

The defense maintains the injuries suffered by the woman do not constitute serious bodily injury, an element the prosecution must prove to convict Longoria of aggravated assault.

Longoria is accused of sexually mutilating his estranged girlfriend at his apartment. The alleged crime, say prosecutors, happened over several hours while the couple's one-year-old child was in another room. We are not identifying the woman who was injured.

The defense has told the jury the couple voluntarily engaged in kinky sex. The prosecution is trying to prove the woman was tied to a bed and unable to leave.

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