Investigation into Penn State abuse widens to San Antonio


This indictment details the shocking relationships Sandusky allegedly had with eight young boys. But it's victim number four that San Antonio police are focusing their attentions on right now.

Court documents show one of the alleged victims claims Sandusky abused him here in San Antonio back in 1999. It happened during the Alamo Bowl when the assistant coach was in town helping to lead the Penn State football team to victory over Texas A&M.

San Antonio police and the Bexar County District Attorney's Office confirm they are now looking into the possibility Sandusky may have brought the child across state lines to commit a crime. The Pennsylvania indictment shows Sandusky showered the boy with lavish gifts and trips. It also says Sandusky threatened to send the boy home from the Alamo Bowl when the victim resisted his advances.

Our legal analyst says if the evidence holds up in Texas, it's possible Sandusky could also face federal charges.

"There's no law that prevents the federal or state governments from piling on. So he can be prosecuted by the feds, and also be prosecuted by the state. Under both statutes, the federal and the state statute, he'll deserve and probably get life in prison," said Joel Androphy, KTRK Legal Analyst.

Investigators here say they don't have too much information to go on right now. And so far, Sandusky says he's innocent.

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