Sexual mutilation trial begins for accused man


Some members of the jury looked visibly uncomfortable when they saw on huge TV monitors pictures of the victim's injuries. The crime, say prosecutors, is horrific, but the defense told the jury the injuries were the result of kinky sex that both the man and woman agreed to.

Some members of the jury visibly cringed when the prosecution showed pictures of the victim's injuries. The nurse who treated the woman testified she saw the burns and bruises on the woman's body, including burns on the breasts and between her legs.

The prosecution alleges Gregory Longoria tortured the victim.

Prosecutor Brad Means told the jury, "This is a horrific crime of domestic violence. He used strangulation, bondage, his hands, and a lighter and hairspray to control her."

The woman, who we are not identifying, was not married to Longoria, says the prosecution, but the pair did have a relationship and a one-year old daughter.

The alleged crime took place at Longoria's home on February 16 and lasted for 17 hours, say prosecutors. Longoria allegedly demanded the victim and their daughter go to his home. Prosecutors told the jury that while the daughter was in another room, Longoria tied the woman to a bed, beat and tortured her and burned her repeatedly, using a lighter and a can of hairspray.

However the defense says what happened between Longoria and the woman was by design.

Defense attorney Casie Gotro told the jury, "The case is about consent, shame and remorse. This is about grown up games."

Games the defense says the woman agreed to participate in.

The jury also heard from the woman's friend, Leticia Hernandez, who testified she took her to the hospital. Hernandez spoke through an interpreter.

"She was embarrassed to say anything to anyone," Hernandez testified. "She said she had a problem with her partner.

The woman in this case has agreed to testify, but not for the prosecution. The defense says they plan to call the woman to the stand and they say she will testify the couple agreed to kinky sex.

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