Burglars targeting Clear Lake neighborhoods


It's hard to say why thieves are targeting certain neighborhoods over others. What we do know is that homes are being targeted at random and Clear Lake residents are now on guard.

"It's scary," said homeowner Sandy. "I'm paranoid."

Sandy and her husband Wendell are reluctant to open their door when a stranger comes knocking.

She said, "It's like we look out to kind of see. If we really don't know who you are and you're not supposed to be here, you wouldn't answer."

They've been on alert ever since their neighbor's Clear Lake home was broken into by thieves who stole a bunch of jewelry and a 200 pound safe.

Wendell said, "They drug it out of there. Well, they carried it out. I guess there had to be more than one person."

So far this year burglaries across Clear Lake are up two percent, but check this out. Break-ins are up 37 percent in their neighborhood and in Bay Oaks and Northfork, the two surrounding communities. Many of them are happening in broad daylight.

"They figure the neighborhood is quiet during that time of day and they won't have many witnesses," said Kathy Dooley with the Community Management Company. "They make a habit of going to the front door, knocking or ringing the door bell. When nobody answers, they go around to the back and break into the house."

There have been 19 home burglaries in the past 30 days. Police began stepping up patrols in the spring and they recently started saturating certain neighborhoods with unmarked and marked patrols.

"In hopes of coming across and intercepting the burglars and being a react unit for any calls that may come out of that neighborhood," explained Capt. M. Fougerousse with the Houston Police Department.

It may be what concerned homeowners need to regain their peace of mind.

"I think that's wonderful," Sandy said. "Anything that we can do to deter. We know people are desperate."

Police are urging residents who see a suspicious person or vehicle in their neighborhood to call them immediately.

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