Residents say HPD let suspected drunk driver go after crash


What neighbors heard Sunday night was the sound of a pickup truck crashing up against a large tree after it plowed into a neighbor's vehicle parked in the street.

Janice Slater went outside to investigate. She called 9-1-1 and was deeply disturbed by what she saw.

"In the floorboard of the truck there were probably, I want to say I saw at least four beer cans that were empty," Slater said.

Slater claims that, while the driver reeked of alcohol, the HPD officers told her that the beer cans exploded on impact and that he suffered some kind of medical episode.

The officers let the driver go home with his wife. Stunned neighbors are furious.

"They never gave him a field sobriety test. They never put him in an HFD vehicle. They never checked his physical condition," neighbor Tom Kibler said.

No one would answer the door at the driver's house. He lives around the corner from where he crashed his car.

HPD maintains an investigation is underway to determine if proper procedures were followed. A spokesman told us "this accident is still under supervisory review and citations could still be issued."

"If you have someone in a neighborhood that comes in and is clearly intoxicated, and they don't do anything? They don't ticket him?" Slater said. "It's very aggravating."

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