Gonzalez faces one challenger in District H


What looks like an unending construction zone to some is to a sign of progress to Ed Gonzalez.

The city council district he represents will soon get a long awaited light rail line.

"I'd like to see the light rail come to fruition. I'd like to see more affordable housing," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez is running for another term in District H, but is facing a challenge from real estate business owner Patricia Rodriguez.

Rodriguez told us in a statement, "Patricia Rodriguez would rather represent her constituents than curry favor with the Mayor in return for Mayor pro tem status. She'd rather work for the people than work for the Mayor."

Rodriguez points out the controversial 380 agreements as one thorny issue. The agreements that brought along the Heights-area Wal-Mart development and proposed Kroger both happened under Gonzalez. He admits future agreements will need to be more open.

"I think 380s in general are a good thing. I think one thing we can learn from it is that the community wants more input into them," Gonzalez said.

Agreements have always been controversial in District H -- where the new Kroger will be located -- and going forward, the issue won't go away.

"Those are kind of hot spot local issues, whether you win or lease in a district like H is broader than where a grocery store goes, KTRK political analyst Dr. Richard Murray said.

Murray says that, even though Gonzalez's tenure on council has not been smooth, Rodriguez faces an uphill battle to gain any traction before Election Day.

And our election coverage starts Tuesday night when the polls close at 7pm. We'll have the latest results on air, online and on your mobile device, plus crews covering all of the important races.

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