Search for local murder suspect ends in Bahamas


Noel Sosa-Ruiz had been on the run since the late-October tragedy at a southwest Houston dental office.

Officials say he traveled to Florida where he stole a boat then made his way to the Bahamas.

U.S. Coast Guard authorities say he shot himself as he was approached by officials.

Noel Sosa-Ruiz had been on the run from police for almost two weeks, and it all came to an end in a bizarre way with the USCG approaching him in the Atlantic Ocean.

USCG officials say they came in contact with the 41-year old murder suspect Friday morning when they got word that a boat with a single operator onboard appeared to be stranded near the Bahamas.

That's when a USCG helicopter dropped a radio, raft, food and de-watering pump for him.

Authorities say Sosa-Ruiz only took the radio and used the pump to re-fuel and take off.

More than seven hours later, authorities say he ran out of gas again. Good Samartians found him and alerted a USCG crew who discovered the boat had been stolen out of the Florida Keys.

As crews approached, he shot himself in the chest and died.

Sosa-Ruiz had been on the run since late last month when Houston Police Department investigators say he walked into a southwest Houston Smiley Dental Office and shot and killed Yodani Cruz-Rojas -- the mother of his two children.

The USCG is investigating this incident. HPD is also investigating.

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