C.O. Bradford faces two challengers in council race


Former Houston Police Cheif C.O. Bradford is in the incumbent in the race seeking re-election. Bradford says the city's budget crunch will need addressing.

"We know we will probably have to reduce the numbers in some places," said Bradford. "Let's look at our fire service providers, our public safety providers, in general HPD, HFD and determine what number must we not go below to effectively deliver services in our city."

And with a masters in clinical psychology, Amy Price believes addressing the city's budget shortfall is paramount.

"Economic downturns is not the time for an economy to tighten its belt. What happens is you make the problem worse when that happens," she said. "We've known since the Depression that when you're in a depression or horrible recession, you spend money in order to create jobs and get the economic engine revving again."

Creating jobs is a focus for candidate Louis Molnar -- a business consultant by trade. He wants to gets small businesses hiring again.

"Licensing and permitting makes it difficult to grow in the way that we need to," said Molnar. "And we get 75 percent of all employment nationwide from small businesses, so we ought to be looking at that first and foremost."

The At-Large Position 4 candidates have varying platforms this election cycle, but we also wanted to know where they stand on one controversial city issue -- red light cameras.

"The people have spoken and they need to be turned off," said Price.

"We are not going to revisit that because the people have spoken," said Molnar. "We are going to listen to what they have to say "

"Once a majority of those voting said no cameras in Houston, that became my message," said Bradford.

And our election coverage starts Tuesday night when the polls close at 7pm. We'll have the latest results on air, online and on your mobile device, plus crews covering all of the important races.

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