Was proper procedure followed after wreck in NW Houston?


The accident happened Sunday night near the 7500 block of Maple Tree Drive in northwest Houston. Residents say they saw empty beer cans inside the driver's Ford F-250 truck and claim he smelled like alcohol.

Neighbors say the driver knocked over a stop sign and slammed into a parked truck in the street before crashing his truck into a tree in someone's yard.

Residents say the HPD officers and HFD paramedics were called to the scene, but claim no one ever checked him out.

An HPD spokesman tells Eyewitness News, "After a thorough investigation by HPD and responding HFD paramedics, it is believed the driver of the vehicle suffered an unknown type of medical episode. The accident is still under supervisory review and citations could still be issued."

Neighbors are curious as to why police failed to conduct a field sobriety test on the driver, why he wasn't ticketed at the scene and allowed to leave with his wife.

Reporter Andy Cerota is following this story and will have more on Eyewitness News beginning at 4pm.

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