Perry advisor denies involvement in Cain scandal


He first blamed the media for keeping the story going. Then, his campaign changed course, saying instead, it was a smear campaign from Governor Rick Perry's camp.

That was Wednesday, and with this scandal if you miss an hour, you miss a lot. The Cain camp said a recently hired Rick Perry strategist -- Curt Anderson -- was obviously behind the leak.

Anderson once worked for Cain, and Cain claims he told Anderson about the issues and so Anderson must have told Politico.

On Wednesday night, Cain's campaign manager said Perry owed Cain an apology. But on Thursday morning, Anderson told anyone who would listen it wasn't him.

"If someone tells you something in confidence, a family member, a friend, a candidate, a client and then you go out and blab it to other people, that's just unethical and it's not the way I live my life. But that's sort of immaterial in this instance because I didn't know anything about any of this," Anderson said.

So on Thursday, the Cain camp backed off.

Mark Block, Cain's chief of staff, told FOX News earlier Thursday, "Mr. Cain always had the utmost respect for him. Until we get all the facts, we accept what Mr. Anderson said. We want to move on with the campaign. Let's get over these things that don't matter to the American people."

On Thursday, by the way, Cain continued to deny sexually harassing three women in his past. He blamed a Washington media culture for declaring him guilty until proven innocent.

Cain's campaign by the way said they've raised more than a million dollars since the scandal broke, proving to them at least this scandal isn't resonating with voters.

Also, neither this incident nor any of his gaffes since rising to the top of this polls have affected any of his numbers. In fact, he continues to lead in Iowa.

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