Man charged with injuring baby while mom was taking college test


On September 22, according to court documents, a mother left her nine-month-old baby at her apartment with Marcus Dawyan Rogers. He is the father of another one of the woman's children. Rogers, 22, was the only person home with the baby, while the mother went to take a test at a college campus.

The mother told police that while she was taking the test she received several text messages from Rogers about an injury to the baby's hands. When she returned home after about four hours, she said both of the baby's ears were swollen and she had open wounds on her hands. Rogers was the only person caring for the girl, and reportedly offered no explanation for the injuries.

The mother took the baby to the Texas Children's Hospital emergency room. Doctors there told police the girl's injuries were consistent with child abuse.

Rogers faces a felony charge of injury to a child. Police have been unable to interview Rogers. No bond has been set in the case.

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