Police investigate spike of burglaries in League City


You can't remind folks enough about the importance of locking their car doors or keeping their garage doors closed. In League City, there have been 16 burglaries in five days. And they know it pays to know your neighbors.

Resident George Zagorianos said, "He's a police officer and I've known them, they've been here ever since we've been here."

Zagorianos says it's a good thing they like to talk. He would never have known about the two homes in the neighborhood that were broken into and a third where someone tried to break in.

"It's crazy," he said. "I don't ever remember this when I was little. It just seems like it's been getting worse as the years go by."

Police arrested a juvenile along with Mitchell Cochran, 18. The pair is accused of stealing jewelry and electronics. The three cases they're charged with are a small fraction of the 16 burglaries reported by League City police in just five days.

"The crimes that are occurring in the subdivisions are frequently by people that live in the neighborhoods," explained Sgt. David Hausam with the League City Police Department. "Where you have higher access like a freeway or main thoroughfares, frequently those could be out-of-towners that are coming in."

The crooks are hitting everything from homes, cars and convenience stores.

Store manager Mukesh Patel said, "He squeezed the door. He had a jack and just jacked the door like this way and opened the door. "

Several thousand dollars worth of cigarettes, cash and even the video surveillance system are gone and not a clue as to who might have done it.

League City police stopped short of lumping these crimes together and calling them part of a larger trend.

We worked on this story with the help of our Houston Community Newspaper partners. You can read more in the Bay Area Citizen.

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