Online shoe clubs new trend


Most of these online shoes clubs sell their shoes for under $40. What makes these shoe clubs unique is that each selection is picked specifically for you by a team of stylists according to your personality.

To say Robyn Timmermeyer is obsessed with shoes would be an understatement. She has accumulated quite the collection by shopping at an online shoe club called Just Fabulous is a monthly free membership program that gets you access to celebrity stylists, as well as the hottest shoes and handbags. All items are $39.95 each.

"Even a pair of boots, whether a flat, pair of boots. As far as the handbags go, whether it's a clutch or large bags that I see in stores for $50, $70, $80, it's all $39.95," Timmermeyer said.

Plus it's no tax or shipping charges, even for returns or exchanges. is another club that works the same way. It's also a monthly free membership club that offers the latest in shoe, handbags and jewelry fashion sent directly to your inbox.

At, the online retailer offers two pairs of shoes for $29.95. Their motto "A-list style with a D-list price."

At Shoe Dazzle or, you have to sign up to get started and take a personality quiz; that way the online retailer can determine your style.

"So you take this quiz and then afterwards they send you your boutique and it's a selection of shoes and handbags chosen based on your preferences," Timmermeyer said.

You can choose to purchase an item in your monthly boutique or if nothing strikes your fancy, you are not obligated to buy anything.

"You can just click skip the month. If you skip the month, you are not charged at all -- no penalty, no fee, no nothing," Timmermeyer said.

Now that you know how it works, what's the quality like? Timmermeyer, a loyal Just Fab shopper, has purchased dozens of shoes.

"I have been absolutely thrilled with everything, I have never had an issue with quality. All of the shoes, I think, are of the highest quality. Same for the handbags. Everything is very well made; these aren't seconds, there aren't outlet-type rejects, no, these are first quality shoes," she said.

One thing to keep in mind with these clubs, if you don't want to purchase a shoe, you must sign in and request to "skip the month," otherwise you will be billed for the month but it's used as a credit for your next purchase.

You may cancel your membership at any time. There is absolutely no cancellation fee.

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