Teacher allegedly sent teen inappropriate texts


The parent brought her concerns, along with copies of the text messages, directly to school board members. Now an investigation is underway into that teacher's actions.

The male teacher at Beckendorff Junior High School has been placed on administrative leave by Katy ISD because of messages which he allegedly sent to a female 13-year-old student.

The mother told school board members the messages included content such as, "'You're so funny. I bet you're a wonderful singer. You're so sweet. When do you go to sleep? I don't want to be the reason why you're tired tomorrow.'"

The girl's mother spoke for just five minutes at the Katy ISD school board meeting Monday night. In that time she laid out the details of message after message she says her daughter received through Facebook, sometimes at 12:30 in the morning, from the teacher.

"'Is this something dirty because I know how bad you are now? Are you professing your undying love for me? Admit it, I'm your new best friend,'" the mother related.

The mother calls the messages inappropriate. You could tell, she says, by the tone of some of the messages that he knew what he was doing was wrong.

The girl's mother read, "'What would your parents think if I gave you a free laptop? This way we can have an even stranger friendship by using Facetime.'"

Katy ISD would not identify the teacher. Nor would they give further detail about the incident.

In a brief statement, a spokesperson said, in part, "The Texas Education Agency has been notified, as per policy. The board has taken action to give the employee notice."

At Beckendorff Wednesday, one student's aunt said she could see nothing appropriate that a teacher would need to talk to a student about late at night.

"None whatsoever," said Anne O'Quinn. "Teachers need to communicate with parents. They have no business communicating with children outside of parents."

There is an active police investigation underway.

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