Jailhouse informant testifies in dad's murder trial


/*Roderick Fountain*/ is accused of killing his three-year-old son nearly six years ago. To this day, the boy's body has not been found. But what prosecutors do have is an alleged confession from behind bars and on Monday it came out in court.

Fountain is accused of killing his son Kendrick Jackson in 2006 and the child's body has never been found. Not long after his disappearance, Fountain was sent to federal prison in Beaumont on an illegal weapons conviction.

That's where he met the man who testified on Monday and told the jury about a conversation he had with the defendant. For the safety of the witness, prosecutors asked he not be identified.

He testified that Fountain admitted in 2008 that he had struck his son over a bathroom accident.

    Prosecutor: "What did the defendant say about his missing son?"

    Witness: "Basically said there 'ain't no body'. Said he disposed of the body near a boat ramp."

    Prosecutor: "Why (did he refer to ) a body and not a live child?"

    Witness: "Said he lost his temper and he struck the child."

    Prosecutor: "Did he tell you about striking the cheek?"

    Witness: "He said it was dented."

    Prosecutor: "What did he say happened after he struck the boy?"

    Witness: "He said he wasn't moving. Said he panicked. He wrapped him in a blanket and put him in a bathtub. Then he said he wrapped him in a garbage bag and put in the trunk of the car. ... He said he was going home to New Orleans, but he knew he couldn't get that far."

    Prosecutor: "Did he say where he drove?"

    Witness: "To the east side of Houston, to a place where he'd gone with the kids before."

    Prosecutor: "Did a body of water come to mind?"

    Witness: "Sheldon Reservoir."

The prosecutor asked the witness how all of this came to light.

    Prosecutor: "What was the context of the conversation?"

    Witness: "Closure. I encouraged him to talk to someone for closure."

    Prosecutor: "Why did you come forward and go through all this?"

    Witness: "I have a son."

If convicted, Fountain could spend life in prison for felony murder.

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