Woman accused of stealing from purse at deposition


Quinita Tere Bryant, 38, is charged with credit/debit card abuse. According to court documents, Bryant attended a deposition on July 5 with her husband and gave her deposition first. She then waited in a separate room at the law offices while her husband gave his deposition with the female victim, who was a legal assistant helping with the depositions.

The victim says a few days after the deposition, she discovered nine fraudulent charges on her debit card and that they all took place on July 5 right after the deposition with the Bryants. The victim told investigators she remembered that she put her purse behind her desk and left it unattended while assisting with Bryant's husband's deposition. She says the Bryants were the only people scheduled for depositions on that day.

Investigators say they obtained surveillance video of Quinita Bryant using the victim's debit card at a Walmart and a Murphy USA gas station on July 5.

Court documents show investigators questioned Bryant about the charges and when they told her about the surveillance videos, they say Bryant admitted to walking behind the victim's desk in her office on July 5 and taking the debit card from her purse while waiting for her husband to give his deposition.

Police say Bryant told them she also used the stolen card at McDonald's, Texaco, CVS and a beauty supply store that same day.

Bond has been set at $2,000.

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