Residents fighting Rosenberg annexation

The City of Rosenberg is trying to annex the areas in red, against the wishes of some residents

October 23, 2011 8:37:35 AM PDT
Fort Bend County residents living near Rosenberg will meet once again this week to show their disapproval of annexation plans.

The residents say they don't want to be part of Rosenberg. City staffers say it's necessary to annex some areas surrounding the city limits -- seen in red in the map above.

According to the city manager, firefighters have been servicing those areas for years with only city taxpayers footing the bill, and it's now time for those homeowners to pay their share.

Last week, more than 100 homeowners packed a city council meeting to voice their opposition to the plan.

They called it a "money grab" because the move would generate $171,000 a year in tax revenue.

Concerned citizens plan to meet again Tuesday at 6pm at the Rosenberg council meeting.