Best Buy experiencing iPhone 4S shipment delays


People were told to pre-order their phone October 7 and expect it a week later, but if you ordered the phone through Best Buy, you probably are still waiting. It's got consumers around the county angry.

Magda Velez loves her new iPhone 4S features.

"It is fantastic. You don't have to touch any buttons. You just tell the lady and the lady talks to you and she find out everything for you," Velez said.

Velez pre-ordered her phone from AT&T and had no trouble getting the device earlier this week.

But Troy Pham is still waiting. He pre-ordered his iPhone 4S from Best Buy.

"Still no phones in our hands and no ETA of when the phones will be available," he said.

Pham says his frustration over not getting the phone is compounded by a lack of information from Best Buy.

"I did receive one email on the 13th saying the item was awaiting pickup, and from that point on I contacted Best Buy and no further correspondence from that point on," he said.

Pham's order still has not arrived at Best Buy. Across the country, reports are coming in of Best Buy customers who pre-ordered the new iPhone and still do not have the device.

"There's some kind of breakdown there in regards to the way Best Buy handled it. Maybe they did not expect the number of orders, maybe they did not get the order placed in time," Pham said.

We asked Best Buy about the problem and a spokesperson told us the company did get the phones, but acknowledged Best Buy received an unprecedented response to pre-orders, that the iPhone comes in 18 different versions and the store apologizes to those who have experienced an inconvenience. The company went on to say available stock was distributed to pre-order customers in the order they were placed.

While Pham wanted to hear the company apologize, he says he was second in line to pre-order and still has no phone.

"Don't continue to just give us the runaround," he said.

The frustrating thing for those who did pre-order the iPhone 4S from Best Buy is the lack of information. Best Buy says they will notify consumers as soon as inventory is available. They are working to fulfill the orders, but there's no time line yet.

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