Teen accused of injuring grandma by twisting her breast during argument


Hilaryann Nicole Jarrell, 19, is charged with injury to an elderly individual.

According to court documents, Jarrell's grandmother told police that she and her husband had raised Jarrell, but that they had been having a lot of problems with her lately. The grandmother, who is 70 years old, said they had been allowing Jarrell to drive one of their vehicles to and from her job and then she would bring the vehicle back.

Court documents state that on the afternoon of October 12, Jarrell let herself into her grandmother's La Porte residence with her key and started gathering her things to leave and move in with a friend. The grandmother said when she asked Jarrell where the vehicle was, she said her friend drove it around the block. While Jarrell packed, the grandmother went outside to confront the friend and took the key to the car and went back inside the residence.

Jarrell finished packing, went outside and the grandmother says she locked the front door.

When Jarrell talked to her friend and found out her grandmother had the car key, court documents show Jarrell hit and kicked the glass section of the front door, breaking it. According to court documents, the grandmother says Jarrell then stepped through the broken door yelling for the key, grabbed the grandmother's left breast and twisted it hard. The grandmother told investigators Jarrell then pushed her backward, took the car key from her and called her an obscenity. Jarrell fled the scene in the vehicle with her friend.

La Porte police say the grandmother suffered a large bruise on her breast from the incident.

Jarrell is out on $5,000 bond.

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