Protest held in opposition of controversial blogger


The focus of their objection is controversial blogger and political activist Pam Geller. She is best known for her criticism of Islam and leading the opposition to the mosque near Ground Zero. Some of her writing was cited in the manifesto written by the man who went on a shooting rampage in Norway this summer.

Geller says she's not anti-Islam but rather against what she calls the Islamization of the United States and restrictions on freedoms.

The protestors say Geller's anti-Muslim crusade is hurting people and that they are standing in support of diversity.

This event was originally going to be held at the Hyatt in Sugar Land. The Tea Party asked to use a room there free of charge and the request was granted. The hotel's manager says on Sunday he found out about the protests planned against the event and was concerned about the disturbance that would create for paying customers. He then asked the Sugar Land Tea Party to move its event to another location.

The manager says the decision was a business one, not one of politics, and that he helped the organization find a new location.

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