Houstonians welcome cold breeze


From downed trees to fanning flames from a fire, the wind created some challenges across the city. But for the most part, the change in the weather is a welcome one.

It rippled flags and moved stop lights, but for geocacher Randy Love, it was a perfect day to go.

"With the winds coming out of the north today, I would say, yeah it's a little difficult, but no biggie. It's great fun," Love said.

From downtown Houston to the Millie Bush Dog Park, a lot of people aren't sad to see summer go.

"This is better for him because he doesn't get tired as quick," dog park visitor Perry Kindred, Sr. said "It's beautiful. It feels good for a change. We need this cool breeze to come in."

But the winds that blew in the cool front left their mark. In Midtown, a large tree took a fence and cable lines down with it.

"With the drought conditions, I've seen trees all over town falling over, drying out at the root level and like I said, with a little extra wind, caught those leaves and took it down," Houston Police Department Sgt. Paul Perez said.

An eyewitness captured a cell phone video at a house fire on Reynolds near Luzon. The home was vacant but the wind fanned the flames.

"It wasn't making it (any) easier for the guys to have it under control," fire witness Clara Guzman said.

Businesses made preparations for the below-average temperatures Tuesday night.

"Expecting some cold weather, so we're just making sure they are working and tightening bolts and stuff," business owner Jesse Vela said.

Back at the dog park, a dog named Phoebe didn't seem to mind the extra wind. Neither did her owner.

"I'm definitely enjoying the weather and not that it's 113 degrees every day and they love it," Millie Bush Dog Park visitor Emily Wetzel said.

But this taste of cooler weather left many wondering how long it will stick around.

"I do not miss summer at all and I'm ready for winter with my jacket and new clothes," Wetzel said.

The burn bans remain in effect at Houston parks, especially because the wind is creating more concern.

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