Dad to go on trial for his 3-year-old son's murder this week


The jury in this case will be forced to decide if a murder took place without Kendrick's body as evidence. The child vanished in April of 2006, leaving hundreds of volunteers devastated when they failed to recover his body.

Last week, Kendrick's father, 37-year-old Roderick Fountain, was in court on a motion to suppress statements he gave to police when his son vanished. This case hangs on the confession the prosecution says Fountain made more recently to someone during a prison term he was serving for a weapons conviction.

Back in 2006, he spent hours talking to detectives and his attorney, Charles Brown, Jr., argued that he was not read his Miranda rights.

Ultimately, the judge sided with the prosecutor, who was able to prove Fountain was not under arrest and therefore did not need to have his rights read to him, so the jury will hear those conversations that could reveal he lied to police.

If convicted on the felony murder charge, Roderick Fountain could be sentenced to life in prison.

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