Arrest made in hit-and-run that killed dog, injured woman


Prosecutors say 18-year-old Douglas Morehouse Coleman ran over a woman and her dog, and then fled the scene. The accident happened on Friday night on Valley Palm.

The dog, a Vizsla named Copper, might have saved jogger Sharon Kiel's life. Prosecutors say Coleman plowed through an intersection in Champion Forest without slowing down.

Witnesses say after striking and killing the dog, Coleman's car then ran into and over Kiel, causing severe injuries including fractures to her head, arm, legs and feet. She also sustained a torn aorta. She is now listed as stable in the hospital but faces months of surgeries ahead.

Witnesses told police they saw the driver in a black Nissan who did not stop.

"While she was crossing the intersection she was struck by a vehicle that was driven by an individual later identified as Douglas Coleman," said prosecutor Joshua Somers. "The witness in this case stopped to provide assistance to the woman on the road, observed that the woman had sustained very serious injuries and called 911."

Coleman is charged with causing an accident with serious bodily injury and failure to stop and render aid, a third degree felony.

Prosecutors say they were able to track down Coleman so quickly because they were able to collect enough evidence at the scene and match it to his vehicle.

Coleman has been charged in a separate incident for marijuana possession that has not gone to court yet. His next court date is November 16th.

Bond was set at $5,000.

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