Man discovers wife, son shot to death


The boy's father made the sad discovery at their home on Frontera Circle near West Branch Crossing Drive shortly before 6pm Tuesday.

Neighbors on the street where investigators say a seven-year-old boy was shot and killed by his mother are in shock.

"Devastated," said neighbor Sheri Bell. "I don't know how you could be at that place to hurt your child and yourself, but obviously it's sad for that family."

Stepheni Crawford, 41, and her son Jack were both found dead when her husband, the child's father, came home around 6pm. Deputies say the mother shot the child in the living room and then turned the gun on herself.

"We just hope that little boy didn't suffer," said neighbor Mark Narris. "It's horrible. Poor little seven-year-old boy."

Neighbors describe the Crawfords as a private couple who kept to themselves. Most knew only that he is from Great Britain and that she was American.

No motive has been given so far by investigators, who say they have no evidence the woman had mental illness or domestic problems.

"I didn't really know them," said neighbor Donna Narris. "It was just a very isolated family."

People who saw the family outside on Sunday say everything appeared to be normal. Some of those in the neighborhood have left flowers and other items to show support for the husband and father who has lost his family.

Montgomery County investigators say husband and father 49-year-old Neal Crawford is being extremely cooperative. They describe him as being distraught and shocked.

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