Suspects arrested in pregnant woman's death


There are no formal charges yet, but sources told us this is likely the big break police were looking for. Homicide investigators are questioning both men at police headquarters. The mother of one of the murder suspects actually led police to her son.

Three months ago, Lori Ann Pittman, 30, was shot and left for dead in a southside neighborhood. Her body was found in the 3300 block of Calumet back on July 13 after someone called authorities to report a shooting. She was identified through fingerprints and an autopsy revealed she was pregnant.

On Tuesday, police stormed an apartment building near downtown and arrested a man who authorities say is connected to her murder.

"It's really shocking. It really is shocking. It's supposed to be a safe environment, you know; we have a big old sign that says no drugs and no alcohol, you know," said resident Rebecca Martinez.

Stunned residents were forced from their homes so police could secure the scene. The suspect's mother who led police to her son says he's innocent and claims to know nothing about his alleged involvement in the crime.

"My son is not a murderer, I know that. I know that much. I didn't raise that kind of person," she said.

The plot thickens. Earlier this morning, police arrested Brandon Larue Jackson, 25, after he appeared in court on a drug charge. He is also a suspect in Pittman's murder.

Sources told Eyewitness News that Tuesday's arrests are connected to a large weapons and drug seizure which took place about a month ago at Jackson's last known address on Ruth Street. Seven people were arrested in that raid.

One of the two capital murder suspects acted as the triggerman, the other as the getaway driver, sources told us. Police say a motive is still under investigation.

Houston police say Jackson admitted to his involvement in Pittman's death.

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