School district, parents disagree on land use


There is no funding for the school, and no timeline to build. Plus, they are not sure what they plan to build.

Laurie Johnson has lived in the Telfair community in Sugar Land for about a year.

When buying her home it was enticing to hear about a huge tract of land that could one day be a high school.

"The builder made us aware that there was property available for the district to potentially buy," Johnson said.

Fort Bend ISD recently purchased the 65 acres on the corner of University Blvd. and Chatham Ave. for $2.8 million.

However, there are no plans to build.

The district says a bond referendum would be needed in order to procure funds for construction.

Furthermore, Fort Bend ISD says they are not sure what they plan to build there.

"That land was purchased at this point just for the future needs of the district, so that could be any type of school -- elementary, middle or high school -- and any administrative facility," said Ben Copeland, chief auxiliary service officer for the district.

This lot is in the middle of the school district and Telfair families are still hoping their kids could one day be able to walk to school.

"You get caught up in hoping that we're going to have a high school right here and the kids won't have to travel six and a half miles on the school bus to get to the school," Johnson said.

Some parents fear it could be used as a maintenance facility or bus barn. The district says a purchase agreement does not allow for anything other than a school or administration building.

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