Houston proposing changes to parking ordinances


For the first time ever, the city is proposing regulating mechanical car lifts. These lifts allow parking services to stack cars on top of each other. Union Bar in Midtown is one of the few places in Houston that has them and right now there are no rules regulating their use.

And in another first, the city is also proposing requiring commercial, retail and office buildings of at least 25,000 square feet to provide proper parking for bicycles. The maximum requirement would be six spaces. The goal is to provide safe and secure bike parking in order to encourage people to bike instead of drive.

Ordinance changes would also make it easier to find parking when dining out. The amount of parking spaces required at new restaurants and bars would increase. But the city also wants to create a new category of dessert and take-out establishments. Those places won't have to have as much parking.

Click here to see all the proposed changes.

For individuals unable to attend the community meeting, comments or questions are welcome at parkingcomments@houstontx.gov.

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