Bargain deals on real human hair extensions


Real human hair extensions are expensive. They're normally $100 for six clip-in extensions, but we did the shopping around to find a better bargain, and we found out how to wear this look so you can do it yourself.

"I never expected to have long hair again," Jonee Avelino said.

Avelino is one of many women who want the long luxurious locks celebrities like J-Lo, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are rocking on the red carpet.

"Everybody wants an instant, instant new look," said Ceron of Ceron Salon.

At Ceron Salon, clients are demanding clip-in hair extensions. They usually come in a pack of six pieces and you simply clip each piece in place. It's really that simple.

The key to applying the clips without making it look obvious you have them in is to first make sure the color is spot-on.

"Make sure you always match your hair match the piece," Ceron said.

Also, in order to style your extensions, you must buy 100 percent human hair extensions.

When it comes to applying your clip-ins, section off your hair and apply the clip underneath the part.

"Attach it and press, attach it and press," Ceron said.

The hair is now firmly in place. Avelino adds the rest of her clip-ins on her own and didn't have a problem.

"This is so easy to do; it feels comfortable, it takes two minutes to do," she said.

When it comes to buying your extensions, you will pay top dollar at the salon -- anywhere from $250 and up for applying them and styling them in your hair. That's pricey so we went in search for a better bargain.

Our first stop was Sally Beauty Supply. There we found hair extension sets for about $100, which is cheaper than the salon, but we can do better. So we head to a beauty supply store called Harwin Int'l.

"We specialize in human extension hair," Jay Cho of Harwin Int'l said.

We found a set of six extensions per package of real human hair for $54.99! That's half off the Sally Beauty Supply price and more than 75 percent off the salon price.

The store also has a huge inventory of 100% Indian human hair. For $30, they can make custom clip-ins for your hair.

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