Toddler burned after falling into tub full of hot water


It happened at a home on Eagles Way near Scarsdale on Wednesday evening. According to Lt. Lopez with the Pasadena Police Department, the toddler was being cared for by a 12-year-old relative. The babysitter was giving the little boy a bath when the accident happened.

The babysitter stepped out of the room to get something and the little boy stood up and grabbed the tub handle, accidentally turning the water to very hot, police say. The toddler screamed and fell into the water, causing more burns.

Police say the babysitter ran back into the room and turned the water off, but blisters were already forming on the burn victim.

Life Flight was initially called to the scene, but it was determined the little boy's burns were much less severe than first thought. He suffered blistering from his ears to the back of his neck, and redness and blisters on his upper torso and back.

No citation was given to the babysitter.

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