Search intensifies for missing elderly woman


The search for the missing woman has intensified as now volunteers with two different organizations are out searching for her. They are desperate to cover as much ground as they can.

Eighty-two years old, employed, and fiercely independent, Lillian High showed no signs of slowing down.

"If she stopped working, she would be bored and she says I can't do that," said her son, Earl High.

She never missed a day on the job. So when the Chase Bank where High works in southeast Houston called her son Monday morning to say she hadn't shown up, he began to worry. It was clear to her children, who checked her house, that something was wrong.

"She paid bills, put it in the mailbox, she locked up the house," said her daughter, Amy McClure.

"And then she left and disappeared," said Earl.

The Laura Recovery Center has set up a command center in a parking lot next to Kroger near Beltway 8 and Beamer Road for volunteers that want to join the search.

Using the four-mile route High takes to work as a focal point, volunteers with Texas Equusearch hopped on their ATV's and began searching open fields along Highway 3 for signs of tire tracks.

"They have been known to sometimes get out of their vehicles and wander off on foot, so that's why we will also be searching all the wooded areas and everything," said volunteer Beth McClanahan.

Volunteers with the Laura Recovery Center were also passing out flyers with High's picture and a picture of the black, 4-door Dodge Avenger rental car she was driving.

"If we find that we got a starting point where she may have ended up, where she stopped or whatever, but right now we've got to find that," said Bob Walcutt with the Laura Recovery Center.

High is always home before dark because she doesn't drive at night and always lets her family know where she is.

Earl said High had a stroke several months ago and that she's had some memory issues the last few months, but that she got a clean bill of health from her doctor three weeks ago.

They are worried sick and just want her home.

"Right now, scared and praying and hoping we find her soon. We miss her; don't know where she's at and that's scary," said Earl.

"If you've seen her, just please call. She's such a sweet woman. She's my rock," said High's daughter.

High was last seen driving a black 4-door Dodge Avenger with Texas plate CD6-J492. High's own car was in the shop for repairs.

If you see the car or High, you are urged to call Houston police immediately.

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