Astros' Schafer arrested on drug charges


Jordan Schafer is charged with possession of marijuana. According to the Tampa Police Department, at around 12:30am Tuesday officers in an unmarked car smelled marijuana coming from a Land Rover that pulled up alongside them at a stop light. Officers say they saw the driver smoking a marijuana blunt.

Tampa police say Schafer admitted the marijuana was his and his alone. When the officers searched the vehicle they say they located a plastic container of marijuana along with three small marijuana peanut butter cups.

According to police, Schafer was taken into custody without incident and the Land Rover was seized and held for forfeiture.

Schafer, 25, is out of jail after posting a $2,000 bond.

The outfielder came to the Astros via a mid-season trade with Atlanta for Michael Bourn. Schafer played in 30 games with the 'Stros, batting .245 with 1 home run, 6 RBI and 7 stolen bases.

The Astros released a statement saying they have no comment because it is a police matter.

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