Experts: Now is time to apply for seasonal jobs


The big box retailers are hiring tens of thousands nationwide, but some are cutting back this year. Still, the jobs are out there and ready to be filled right now.

Toys R Us will hire more than 40,000 seasonal workers. The jobs are available now and that sounds good to Toni Lomax who has started looking for seasonal positions.

"It is something I would be interested in. I enjoy retail and I'm interested in the fast-paced environment," Lomax said.

Lomax should have no trouble finding a seasonal job because right now thousands are opening up.

At Macy's the company is looking to add 78,000 jobs nationwide. Kohl's is hiring 40,000 seasonal workers nationally.

While the numbers look good, Best Buy is only hiring 15,000 seasonal workers, which is about half the number from last year. If you want a seasonal job, now is the time to act.

"The good thing about seasonal work is that a lot of times those turn into permanent jobs and they will keep the best of the best," said Debbie McGarity with Workforce Solutions.

McGarity says her agency is listing hundreds of jobs and not all are in retail. The best way to find those jobs is turn to the company websites or come to a Workforce Solutions office.

"They can come in, register, and if they are computer savvy, if they know how to use a computer, they can get a lot of that on their own; if not, they're welcome to speak to an employment councilor," McGarity said.

While big retailers get a lot of attention with seasonal hiring, you can find jobs at locally owned companies too.

"It's extremely busy, it's non-stop," said Danelle Sherwood with Design It Yourself Gifts.

Sherwood says corporate seasonal orders will add 10 to 30 jobs to her business over the holidays.

"We love to have someone with creativity, especially for the designing and the wrapping, someone with shipping experience for our shipping department," she said.

Another way to find out about seasonal jobs is to go into stores you like and ask them if they are hiring, most retail places do add workers. Again you can go to a Workforce Solutions office to find openings or even do that online.

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