Heavily armed man arrested along Katy Freeway


On Wednesday, shortly before 1:30pm, Spring Valley Village Police received several calls from family members of a man who was reportedly armed with several firearms and who was threatening to harm innocent bystanders and himself if his demand to receive cash from his family was not met. The callers reported that he was in a white truck in the commercial business area in the 8400 block of the Katy Freeway. They also advised that they believed him to be armed with as many as seven guns, a large quantity of ammunition and a bullet proof vest.

Officers found the man in one of the entrances to the business parking lot. They say they ordered man to surrender, but he initially failed to obey their commands. As the officers continued to talk with the man, he walked to the open driver's side door of his truck and leaned inside.

Officers reportedly saw at least two guns inside the man's truck and he appeared to be reaching for these weapons. One of the officers warned the man that he was going to deploy his stun gun, and at that point the man surrendered and was arrested without any further resistance.

Officers located a rifle, a shotgun, a semi-automatic handgun, more than 500 rounds of various calibers of ammunition, six knives, and a bullet proof vest inside the subject's truck.

Further investigation revealed that the subject apparently did not specifically target the Spring Valley Village area or any nearby business. This incident occurred where it did purely as the result of the subject's truck experiencing engine trouble while he drove along the freeway.

The 49-year-old man from Houston, who has not been identified, has been charged with terroristic threat and two charges of unlawfully carrying a weapon.

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