Teacher accused of docking grades after sneezes


It happened during a health class at Will C. Wood High School. Erica Fagan and Taylor McGinley say teacher Steven Cuckovich doesn't like disruptions of any kind.

"I sneezed and someone said 'bless you' and he said 'do you think that girl is evil? Do you think the evil spirits are coming out of her?' No I was just doing what I was supposed to not trying to be rude, you know," said McGinley.

The girls say Cuckovich deducted 25 points from everyone's grade, then he did it again when another student sneezed the next day. According to Fagan, Cuckovich told the students sneezing and saying "bless you" is a distraction and takes time out of learning.

Fagan's mother says she's concerned about Cuckovich's reason for punishing the students. She says has failed to get answers from school leaders.

This story comes to us from our sister station, KGO-TV, in San Francisco.
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