Rain falls in parts of Channel 13 viewing area


The line of showers moved into our area from the west late Tuesday afternoon, KTRK Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller said. Unfortunately, the rain was driven by the heating in the atmosphere, so once the sun began to set, we lost the heating and energy, so we lost most of the rain.

And though thef storms died down before reaching Houston, many residents west of town were excited to see the wet stuff falling.

"We're very excited, first of all and hoping that it rains where it's needed, where all the fires were," resident Claudia Escobar said.

"I think it's wonderful. Actually, driving out, it was kind of surreal, strange because it was actually cloudy and lightning, which we haven't seen in a while," resident Perry Collier said.

A lot of people jokingly said they forgot what rain had looked like since it's been so long since we've had showers in our area. However, most noted that they're willing to take whatever they can get.

For those hoping, Heller says more rain could be on its way. The same stationary front that created Tuesday's rain is likely to return on Wednesday and Thursday, creating more clouds and showers.

"It won't be widespread rainfall or a rain buster but it's rain in the forecast and that's a start," Heller said.

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